Required Equipment

A Lacrosse Stick

In the past, the shaft of the girl’s lacrosse stick was made of wood. In today’s game, girls’ lacrosse sticks are made of plastic, titanium, or aluminum. The head of the stick is made of plastic and is strung with nylon or leather.

Make sure you buy a girls-specific stick. The pocket - or netting part - of a boy’s stick is much deeper. The regulation pocket of a girls lacrosse stick is legal if the ball remains even with or above the plastic walls of the head when held parallel to the ground.

If you buy a stick with a metal shaft, it is easy to cut to adjust for the correct size. We can help you determine the correct size at the practice. Please refrain from buying a "fiddle stick" these are miniature sticks that are not game regulation.


Eye protection is required. The player must wear eye protection at all games and practices that are SEI certified. Most goggles sold now are compliant but if you are borrowing goggles please check that they are compliant HERE

Mouth Guard

Required at every game and practice. Mouth Guards cannot be clear, white, or mimic teeth (i.e. patterns or logos).

Mouth Guards are meant to be molded for a snug fit to your athletes' teeth. This ensures better protection, breathing, and communication skills while the mouth guard is in.

If your athlete has braces, there are braces specific mouth guards available online or ask your orthodontist.

Here are a couple good brands:
SISU Mouth Guards 
Bulletproof Mouth Guards
Under Armour Mouth Guard for Braces


K-4th Optional. Most girls will have cleats or turf shoes. Soccer cleats work fine. Metal spiked cleats are NOT allowed.

Lacrosse gloves

Optional, but handy during the cold early weeks. Lacrosse gloves are lightly padded and similar to football gloves.

Water bottle

We do not provide water at practices or games so please make sure your athlete has enough water to stay hydrated throughout the PGLC event.

Where can I buy the equipment?

Lacrosse Unlimited of Princeton - 45 Hulfish Street, Princeton, NJ (609) 454-3089


The Universal Lacrosse Company – 1149 Route 601, Skillman, NJ‎ - (609) 466-9470‎



**NOTE** Goalie equipment will be provided by PGLC. That includes;

Helmet, Throat Guard, Chest Protector, Goalie Gloves, Goalie Pants, and Shin Guards.