How to contact PGLC:
Got a question? Feel free to email us at

How long is the PGLC recreational season?

Entire season runs from March thru  May  (See Master Calendar on side tab for more detailed information)

How are rec lacrosse teams formed?

PGLC participates in the Jersey Girls Lacrosse League (JGLL). The league does not keep records or statistics and has no standings or playoffs. Consequently, there is no Travel A, B or C teams based on ability. All Travel teams within an age-group are created to be as balanced as possible and provide even playing time.

Does my daughter have to be at every practice or game?

When choosing to play on the team, our practices & games are required and attendance will be taken at each event. Of course things may come up during the season which may prevent a player from making every game or practice. We understand. However, the expectation is that players opting to join the the team will attend all practices and games and to communicate conflicts where possible. Failure to attend practice will effect play time in games.

For some girls, PGLC is an additional team to their school team. We highly encourage the girls to play on their school team if they have one. We expect them to attend all their school practices and games as a first priority but ask that athletes also attend their PGLC practice after their school events, even if it means they will arrive late to PGLC. We request that you miss a school practice if it conflicts with a PGLC game. This should be arranged with the school coach well before the game date.

What if my daughter has to miss a game?

We expect all athletes to be able to make every game, with exception made for extenuating circumstances such as illness, school work, etc. You can expect that games will be scheduled from early-April until early June on either Friday nights to Saturday mornings, with the occasional Wednesday evening game.  We request that all parents notify their daughter’s coach and team parent  no later than 3 days prior to game day if your daughter will not be available to play in the upcoming  game(s). This will ensure that we bring enough players to all games.

How do I find the dates/times of practices and games?

Upon registering we will add you to TeamSnap which will provide a main avenue for communication, schedule updates, and contact info for all those on the respective age group team.

We will post changes and cancelations on the TeamSnap where it will be able to send you notifications.

What happens in poor weather?

If a practice or game is canceled due to weather, you should receive an email announcing the cancelation via TeamSnap which will also go to the email you used to register. All cancelled practices and games will also be posted on the TeamSnap Schedule. Please check TeamSnap before heading to practice or a game if you have any concerns about a possible delay or cancelation due to weather.

Cancelled games can be expected early in the season, due to weather and concern for the field condition. Again, due to limited playing space, rescheduling cancelled games is very difficult and rarely done.

Practices can be held in the cold. Games can be played in the cold and even light rain. Dress your daughter appropriately for these situations. We cannot and will not practice or play a game during a thunderstorm or with a thunderstorm near by.

Due to limited field space, practice and games will not be played if the field conditions are too wet. This is a common problem that all towns have, so please do not be surprised if a practice or game is cancelled even on a sunny day. If we have rain for a couple days straight, the fields may be too wet for us to play on.  We may try to reschedule on a different day to make up the practices if we can.

What equipment does my daughter need?

A Lacrosse Stick

In the past, the shaft of the girl’s lacrosse stick was made of wood. In today’s game, girls’ lacrosse sticks are made of plastic, titanium, or aluminum. The head of the stick is made of plastic and is strung with nylon or leather.

Make sure you buy a girls-specific stick. The pocket - or netting part - of a boy’s stick is much deeper. The regulation pocket of a girls lacrosse stick is legal if the ball remains even with or above the plastic walls of the head when held parallel to the ground.

If you buy a stick with a metal shaft, it is easy to cut to adjust for the correct size. We can help you determine the correct size at the practice. Please refrain from buying a "fiddle stick" these are miniature sticks that are not game regulation.


Eye protection is required. The player must wear eye protection at all games and practices that are SEI certified. Most goggles sold now are compliant but if you are borrowing goggles please check that they are compliant HERE

Mouth Guard

Required at every game and practice. Mouth Guards cannot be clear, white, or mimic teeth (i.e. patterns or logos).

Mouth Guards are meant to be molded for a snug fit to your athletes' teeth. This ensures better protection, breathing, and communication skills while the mouth guard is in.

If your athlete has braces, there are braces specific mouth guards available online or ask your orthodontist.

Here are a couple good brands:
SISU Mouth Guards 
Bulletproof Mouth Guards
Under Armour Mouth Guard for Braces


K-4th Optional. Most girls will have cleats or turf shoes. Soccer cleats work fine. Metal spiked cleats are NOT allowed.

Lacrosse gloves

Optional, but handy during the cold early weeks. Lacrosse gloves are lightly padded and similar to football gloves.

Water bottle

We do not provide water at practices or games so please make sure your athlete has enough water to stay hydrated throughout the PGLC event.

NOTE: Goalie gear and equipment will be provided by PGLC 

Where can I buy the equipment?

Lacrosse Unlimited of Princeton - 45 Hulfish Street, Princeton, NJ (609) 454-3089


The Universal Lacrosse Company – 1149 Route 601, Skillman, NJ‎ - (609) 466-9470‎


How do I sign my daughter up for PGLC?

You can sign-up your daughter using REGISTRATION tab on the left of the page.

Does my daughter have to be a member of US Lacrosse?

All lacrosse players MUST be US Lacrosse members to participate in any youth lacrosse program. You can register on-line for your number at this site: (It may take up to 10 minutes to receive your number via email.)

 Does PGLC offer scholarships?

It is our desire to never turn away a girl interested in playing lacrosse. To help accomplish this goal, scholarship money is available. Please see the Financial Assistance tab to the left or contact us at for more information.